ESPcalculator (Bosch 8.2i/9.0i)

ESPcalculator (Bosch 8.2i/9.0i)

ESPcalculator is utility that allow to easy generate of long coding for Bosch ESP units, which are installed in some vehicles of VAG like Skoda Fabia, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza and etc.

Utility is based on open information published by user firegrafik on forum

ESPcalculator supports following units:

  • 6R0907379AA;
  • 6R0907379AF;
  • 6R0907379AJ;
  • 6R0907379AK;
  • 6R0907379AL;
  • 6R0907379AS;
  • 6R0907379AT;
  • 6R0907379BN.

Utility could be used for other units ESP8.2i/9.0i

Utility DOES NOT support units ESP8.0

Utility could contain some errors and bugs!

Download ESPcalculator

Microsoft Framework .Net 4.5+ is required to run application.

You can discuss ESP utility and ask question in special section of our forum.