RDKSeditor is visual editor that allow to easy generate of datasets for tyres pressure measurement system unit, which used in VAG vehicles like Passat, Tiguan and etc.

Utility supports following RDKS units :

  • 3AA907273D;
  • 3AA907273F;
  • 3AA907273H;
  • 5Q0907273;
  • 5Q0907273B;
  • 7P6907273H;
  • 7P6907273L.

Configuration of supported units could be adjusted via XML configuration file, which contains specific information to generate dataset correctly (i.e. address of programming, zdc  version and etc).

Generated by RDKSeditor XML file could be uploaded to unit using ODIS E or VAG CAN Professional.

RDKSeditor is freeware.

You can discuss RDKS utility and ask question in special section of our forum.

You can download actual version of utility via this URL: RDKSeditor

Distributed with utility configuration file contains information only for unit 3AA907273F. To add support of others units, user should modify configuration file.

To run utility Microsoft Framework .Net 4.0+ should be installed

You can always submit Your questions or suggestion via feedback form placed bottom of each page of this blog.

PS If You would to donate author of this utility, You can buy special version of RDKSeditor for 10USD. Special version of RDKSeditor do not have any differences from version above link, but installation package contains extended version of configuration file for all units listed above.

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